Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of programs do you have?2021-05-04T17:03:46+00:00

At the Phoenix Asheville, all programs at The Phoenix Wellness Retreat are designed to holistically address the foundations of lasting wellness: fitness, nutrition, rehabilitation and mindfulness. We accommodate individuals, couples and groups, and also host corporate retreats and full rentals.Our commitment is to an intensive and results-oriented experience designed to manifest positive change. Check out our signature 7 day program, The Phoenix Fire.

How long is the program2021-05-04T17:05:17+00:00

Our weeklong program runs from Sunday at 1pm ET to the following Saturday at 11am ET.

How do I get there?2021-05-04T17:05:34+00:00

Airport Pickup is available from Asheville at 1pm on Sunday.

How will I feel at the end of the week?2021-05-04T17:05:57+00:00

After you leave, you’ll feel energized, have more clarity and peace of mind. You will be ready to return to your life with renewed vigor and practices to bring into your daily routine. Many of our clients report losing 3-5 lbs during their week stay with us. They learn new healthy recipes and incorporate new wellness practices into their lives.

How do I know I’m ready for the program physically?2021-05-04T17:06:20+00:00

Programs are carefully designed with the intention to be challenging and produce results. They’re designed to progress sequentially, with each day becoming more challenging as the hike gets slightly longer. Please address any concerns about your physical condition in your registration and a member of the Phoenix Wellness team will contact you to discuss your concerns in more detail.

What precautions have you taken to ensure the health and safety of your guests and staff during the COVID-19 Pandemic?2021-05-04T17:06:51+00:00

The health and safety of our guests and staff is our highest priority. We’ve made several adjustments to our programs to ensure appropriate social distancing. We’ve also heightened our cleaning protocols to align with current CDC standards and best practices.

What are the hikes and terrain like?2021-05-04T17:07:25+00:00

The Phoenix Wellness Retreat is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. In general, the terrain is mountainous and wooded. There are many different hikes available, from well improved and easy paths, to rustic and extremely challenging. Selected daily hikes will be chosen based on a number of factors, including the overall program schedule, weather, the participants and trail conditions. To explore more on the hikes available in the Asheville area, please visit Explore Asheville’s Hiking page.

What type of food will I be eating?2021-05-04T17:07:42+00:00

We believe nutrition represents a key component of wellness. Our menus are designed by nutrition professionals to promote healing and fuel your activities while at the retreat. Menus will be developed with organic, locally sourced, sustainable ingredients and will be fully vegan.

Can you accommodate allergies or special diets?2021-05-04T17:08:06+00:00

Yes, in most cases. Please articulate any special dietary allergy or requirement as part of your registration. A member of the Phoenix Wellness team will contact you directly to address your request.

What should I pack?2021-05-04T17:08:23+00:00

A program-specific, seasonal packing list will be provided as part of the welcome package to all confirmed guests.

Can I bring my cell phone and laptop?2021-05-04T17:08:43+00:00

Yes, we do have designated WiFi areas at the Phoenix Asheville. You’ll be able to take care of work calls or emails when necessary. But we encourage you to unplug for the week for your own well-being.

How far in advance should I book?2021-05-04T17:08:59+00:00

Our capacity is extremely limited, so we strongly recommend you register for our programs at least 3- 6 months in advance.

Is a deposit required? Is it refundable?2021-05-04T17:09:21+00:00

Yes, a deposit of $2500 is required to secure your registration. The balance of your program fee is due 30 days prior to arrival. Deposits will be refunded in the event the program is cancelled or on a case by case basis for extenuating circumstances. If you cancel within the 30 days, you may transfer to a new week if we are able to fill your spot.

What is included in the program cost?2021-05-04T17:10:23+00:00

The Phoenix Wellness Retreat is designed to be all-inclusive at $7200. However, the price does not include gratuities or any additional services or special add-ons.

  • What this includes:
  • Pick up and drop off in Asheville and transport to and from the Retreat
  • 6 Nights/ 7 days in Luxury accommodations
  • 3 plant based farm to table organic meals per day with snacks and plenty of healthy drinks
  • 5 massages (Monday through Friday)
  • Expert yoga instruction (morning and evening)
  • Expert hiking guides and naturalists
  • Expert fitness teachers
  • One optional cooking class with our chef
  • One optional art course with our artist in residence
  • Speakers announced in the coming weeks
  • Laundry Tuesday and Thursday
  • Housekeeping

Click here for a sample Daily Schedule.

You can check out our available programs here.

Is transportation included?2021-05-04T17:11:06+00:00

The Phoenix Wellness retreat provides complimentary transportation to and from the Asheville Airport. If you are on a private flight, transfer can be arranged. Transportation details will be coordinated upon completed registration.

We will be happy to answer any additional questions. You’re welcome to email us at info@phoenixwellnessretreat.com

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