The Food

Our Recipe for Wellness

Nutrition is one of the core pillars of health and wellness. We honor that truth by offering nutritionally rich, organic, plant-based cuisine that is prepared on-site daily by a talented team of professional chefs. Change your relationship with food by enjoying meals that are healthy, filling and delicious.

We believe whole-heartedly in a farm-to-table approach and encourage guests to tour our garden to see where the ingredients to create our menus are grown. Our meals not only reflect what’s in season but also contribute to unique and innovative dishes that seamlessly blend essential nourishment with exquisite flavor.

Our Ingredients for Health

Our delectable vegan cuisine maintains a calculated balance of protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Our menu is designed to energize and support your body as you engage in rigorous daily exercise.

We focus on creating a flavorful diet built on nature’s bounty: fruit, vegetables, grains, legumes and seeds. We aid in the detoxification of the body by excluding alcohol, caffeine, dairy, processed sugars, artificial sweeteners and gluten from meals and snacks so that you can reset your palate.

With guests consuming, on average, 1400 calories per day, we place the utmost importance on ingredients being rich in energy and dense with nutrients. We can easily accommodate most allergies and can adjust the daily caloric intake for guests, depending on their personal goals.

Meals at The Phoenix are more than an opportunity to gather as a community. They’re an educational subject and a topic for discussion and discourse on the tools necessary to maintain healthy habits.

Join The Phoenix Community and enjoy inspiration, tips and resources for your wellness journey.