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The Future

We’re excited to announce that The Phoenix Asheville retreat will open in 2021.

Future of The Phoenix Virginia

We’re excited to announce that The Phoenix Virginia retreat will have a new home in beautiful Shenandoah where Skyline Drive begins.

Our state of the art, sustainable LEED certified retreat will be situated on 25 acres with a main house equipped with a teaching kitchen for classes, gathering and meals. Our guests will enjoy private king rooms featuring artwork created by our Artist in Residence.

The property will also include 10 tree houses designed to inspire our guests looking to relax in nature and immerse themselves in quiet reflection.

Our core program, Phoenix Fire, is a weeklong retreat that will be available from June through October for a maximum of 15 people each week.

From the remainder of the year, the Phoenix Virginia will be available for corporate and private retreats, specialized yoga opportunities, and bringing people together who may not be able to attend a self-care facility. We will have the capability of housing 40 people at a time.

We are planning our grand opening for 2023. Until then, we will continue to curate special destination retreats!