The Phoenix Asheville

Wherever you are on your path,
you’ll find what you’re looking for
at The Phoenix Asheville.

Hike along these ancient mountain trails and renew your mind, body and spirit.

Asheville is set in a lush valley nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Appalachia, the second oldest mountain range in the world. 

This region resides along one of Earth’s spiritual vortex centers. Its history and vibrational significance spans nearly 480 million years. The climate of the Blue Ridge Mountains makes it one of the most biodiverse environments in the world, showcasing more species of trees than the entirety of Europe and is home to hundreds of native medicinal plants.

When The Phoenix Wellness Retreat founder, Marsha Ralls, first arrived in Asheville, she was instantly awed by a feeling of peace and serenity in her surroundings.

With Over 24 Active Vortexes, Asheville Is One of the Most Concentrated Power Points in the US.

Vortexes are points of high electromagnetic energy formed at intersections in the earth’s grid system. In addition, Asheville is surrounded by National Forests rich with exposed quartz crystal deposits, which amplify this electromagnetic energy. Vortex energy has been tied to spiritual practices and healing for thousands of years, used to achieve inner tranquility and connection to a higher power. 

It’s no wonder people come to Asheville to experience this healing energy at the Phoenix Wellness Retreat!

The legend of the bird that bathes in the fire and rises from the ashes transformed is a metaphor for the invigoration you’ll feel during your stay at the Phoenix, and the renewal you’ll take with you when you return home.

The Phoenix Asheville was established in this forest oasis to promote personal transformation and wellbeing. 

The retreat center offers 46 acres of forests, walking trails, sweeping arbors and secluded benches for personal reflection in sylvan settings. The majestic, 16,000 square-foot sanctuary includes an interior koi pond, Zen garden, yoga studio and luxury sleeping accommodations. The center reflects a commitment to the arts that is reflected in the Artists in Residence program, developed to encourage artists to take risks and pursue new ideas. 

Here, amidst the magical beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Swannanoa River, you’ll find a supportive community of experts to guide your journey to lasting wellness.

Mornings will begin with a brisk group hike with magnificent views. Daily hikes are calibrated to become increasingly challenging to strengthen your endurance. Every day you will enjoy wellness activities such as massage therapy, exercise, mindfulness instruction and yoga. 

The knowledgeable team, composed of compassionate experts in the fields of fitness, rehabilitation and mindfulness, will provide guidance and support. Delicious meals will be curated by our private chef, specializing in locally-sourced, organic and plant-based ingredients. 

For more information about The Phoenix Wellness Retreat Asheville, contact us. The retreat is available for full rental, corporate retreats and other events. The Phoenix Asheville is committed to sustainability and uses only organic, non-toxic products. 

Join us soon and let us guide your journey to lasting health and wellness.

Featured Asheville Testimonial

My time at The Phoenix Asheville has been a life changing experience. I came feeling knocked down by life and I’m leaving uplifted, energized and ready to take on the world. The property is exquisite and well cared for, the staff is excellent, and the chef prepares the most delicious healthy meals. What makes this place so special is the care, enthusiasm and inspiration that Marsha brings to the experience. She is a soul healer and a visionary! She zeroes in on each guest and figures out how to motivate and inspire them. Every detail was planned out with love and attention. I felt taken care of from the time we woke up until the end of the evening. Don’t miss a chance to learn to live your best life under The Phoenix Asheville’s nurturing care! 

– Julie S.