Health & Wellness Retreats

Health & Wellness Retreats

The Experience


All programs at The Phoenix Wellness Retreat are designed to holistically address the foundations of lasting wellness: fitness, nutrition, rehabilitation and mindfulness. We accommodate individuals, couples and groups, and also host corporate retreats and full rentals.

Our commitment is to an intensive and results-oriented experience designed to manifest positive change.

The Signature 7-Day Program

Phoenix Fire

The Phoenix Fire retreat, our signature program, runs from Sunday afternoon to Saturday morning, offering the full Phoenix Asheville experience. This program provides four different types of massages, daily scenic hikes, yoga, fitness classes and locally sourced vegan meals with six nights spent in our luxury accommodations. We recommend this retreat for those looking for results, a reset and personal transformation. 

The Signature 4-Day Program

Phoenix Rising

The Phoenix Rising retreat offers an abbreviated version of the Phoenix Asheville experience. This program provides two massages, hiking, yoga and locally sourced vegan meals with three nights spent in our luxury accommodations. This retreat is intended for those that want a taste of the Phoenix Asheville experience on a shorter timeline.

The Phoenix Fire 2023, Asheville, NC

The Phoenix Asheville Retreat Schedule for 2023

March 10th - 12th

Private Retreat
The Change Your Mind…Create New Results Program (A program created by Dr. Joe Dispenza) Led by Lori Ives-Godwin (Delray Beach)

March 23rd - 26th

Private Retreat
Private Rental

April 12th - 15th

Private Retreat
The Change Your Mind…Create New Results Program (A program created by Dr. Joe Dispenza) Led by Lindsay Hurst and Hillari Hamilton

May 18th - 21st

Renew and Reset
Immerse yourself in nature to recalibrate your life.

June 2nd - 4th

Mindful Leadership
Thrive and return rejuvenated and ready to lead your teams.

June 7th - 9th

Private Retreat
Private Rental

June 11th - 17th

Revive, Restore, Refocus
Revitalize your mind, detoxify your body, transform your life.

July 9th - 15th

Inner Wellbeing
Come home to yourself and connect to your inner being.

August 27th - September 2nd

Healing in Nature
Revel in the beauty and restorative power of nature.

September 7th - 9th

Private Retreat
Private Rental
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October 5th - 8th

Private Retreat
Private Rental
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October 29th - November 4th

Healthy Body, Healthy Life
Elevate your physical and mental state with renewed vigor.

Please note: Our Phoenix Fire sessions run Sunday to Saturday. The starting day for our Phoenix Rising sessions varies.

The above schedule for The Phoenix Retreat 2023 is confirmed. We will continually update our website with new events and programs to enhance the retreat experience. We encourage you to check back regularly for updates to the schedule.
A Day at The Phoenix Asheville
6:30 am
7:00 am
8:00 am
9:15 am
1:00 pm
1:30 pm
2:00 pm
3:00 pm
4:00 pm
5:00 pm
6:00 pm
7:00 pm
8:00 pm
9:00 pm
Wake up
Morning Stretch or Yoga
Depart for Mountain Hike (healthy snack on the trail)
Core Fitness Class (50 min)
Massage (50 min)
Free-Weight Strength Training (50 min)
Restorative Yoga
Speaker or Activity*

A Day at The Phoenix Asheville:

6:30am Wake up

7am Morning Stretch or Yoga

8am Breakfast

9:15am Depart for Mountain Hike

1pm Return and Refresh

1:30pm Lunch

2pm Rest

3pm Core Fitness Class 

4pm Massage

5pm Free-Weight Strength Training Class

6pm Restorative Yoga

7pm Dinner

8pm Speaker or Activity*

9pm Bedtime

* Speakers will address all areas of health, including diet and mindfulness, plus broader topics such as leadership and creativity. Optional creative workshops and cooking sessions are also offered.

*A deposit is required to secure your reservation.

*For more Details please contact us. 

Memorable experiences

Corporate Retreats

“Edgy, artsy Asheville” is a rare combination of Appalachian Mountain beauty fused with funky architecture, 30+ art galleries, a hot music scene and a choice of outdoor adventures. There’s no better place for a healthy get-away.

Although it seems a world away from your daily life, The Phoenix Asheville is surprisingly accessible. Asheville has its own regional airport, and is only a few hours by car from international flight hubs in Charlotte and Atlanta.

The staff of The Phoenix Asheville will work with you to design a memorable experience that meets your company’s needs. Your staff will emerge refreshed, revitalized and enthused. Let us be your hosts at a venue like no other!

We specialize in:

Full Rentals of The Phoenix Asheville

All 46 acres of natural beauty and the 16,000 square-foot majestic lodging will be your personal retreat with a Full Rental. The Phoenix staff will work with you to customize your stay and help you reach your personal goals for the rental period. Whether it’s a family stay or a reunion of friends, we’ll make this retreat the highlight of your year.

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