The Experience

The Phoenix Philosophy

Luxuriate in a refreshing refuge from everyday life. Dial your days back to the basics and focus on the recalibration of your body and mind in an immersive, results-oriented health and wellness program.

Our programs are all centered on foundations of lasting wellness: fitness, nutrition, rehabilitation, and mindfulness.

Start your mornings by communing with nature on a brisk group hike through breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

Continue to strengthen and stretch your body after a healthy lunch and rejuvenating rest period with an invigorating afternoon deep tissue massage or a fitness class. End your day with an evening restorative yoga session to relax your mind and body.

Fuel your body and delight your palate with clean, organic, plant-based meals. Learn how to prepare healthy food so that you can continue your newfound culinary preferences at home.

Maintain a balanced and peaceful atmosphere and enjoy a meditative experience that excludes the outside world. For those who need to remain connected, your private Wi-Fi-enabled room provides the opportunity to check-in without getting distracted. This offers a safe place to leave your technology behind as you work on what really matters – you.

What People Say About Us


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