Revive. Restore. Refocus.

Transform your body, your health and your future.
Let us guide you on a powerful journey toward your destination of strength, wellness and nutrition.

Welcome to The Phoenix Wellness Retreat

Refocus your attention. Reconnect with nature. Recognize what matters. Realize your strength, inside and out. Join us in a sacred space designed to support and inspire your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Our Story

The Phoenix Wellness Retreat represents a celebration of personal growth. Our retreat offers leaders, entrepreneurs and busy individuals the opportunity to take refuge from the outside world as they rejuvenate their physical, spiritual, mental and emotional selves.

The Experience

Surround yourself with nature and recalibrate your focus on health and wellness. The Phoenix Wellness Retreat empowers guests with guidance, support and inspiration to achieve lasting results with an immersive experience that includes results-oriented nutrition and exercise programs.

The Future

The Phoenix Wellness Retreat will have a new home in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina in June of 2021. Guests will enjoy a true getaway at our bright and tranquil estate nestled on 46-acres of serene landscape. Enjoy beauty and nature during our signature 7-day Phoenix Fire Retreat.

Our Purpose


Fuel for Change

Nature is our wisest mentor and greatest inspiration when it comes to creating balance. We honor the grace and guidance it provides by practicing sustainability in all forms. From seeking out the freshest, locally sourced organic ingredients for our meals to dedicating time for quiet reflection in a natural setting, our commitment to nature is a foundational element of our philosophy.

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Our Mission

The Phoenix Wellness Retreat creates the space, the structure, and the support to guide our guests through a physical, emotional, mental, creative and spiritual transformation that inspires ongoing personal growth and long-lasting contentment.

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